Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Menu and a quick Spring update

Well, it is a new month - so another menu is created!  I didn't make any big changes - we had a bit of a crazy dinner schedule in March!  We spent a week eating out (Eric was at work late, so I ate with friends most of the week), I was sick for a few days, and there were quite a few days we just wanted fast and easy (I'm not saying toast was ALL we had but it may have been a staple on a few nights).  All this means is I don't really have to change my menu plan since we didn't eat as much of it as originally planned, and I have less shopping to do this month (fingers crossed).

Since there isn't much excitement with the menu I thought I would throw in a quick update for my Spring hutch decorations:

I finally added flowers!  I still have a few empty spots to fill, but it is a constant work in progress.  I love all the color the flowers added to it.

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