Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rosemary Woes

As much as I would love to be able to say everything I planted last year has survived - I would be lying.  I do have a pretty good survival rate so far this year, but there is one plant I can't seem to keep alive... Rosemary!  It's not just the most recent plants either - I have lost every single rosemary plant I have ever gotten.  Even the one my mom gave me that was several years old and seemed like a no brainer (Sorry Mom!) - that is definitely the one I feel the worst about even after 5 years.  So what goes wrong?  The only one I know for sure what happened is the original one - I left it on the back deck thinking it was getting plenty of rain, only to discover that the awning covered it the entire Fall and Winter.  So even though it was pouring rain most of the time - the rosemary was never getting enough water.  The latest plants were in two different areas - I had a good sized plant on my porch and I had several plants mixed into one of my front beds as winter interest.  None of them survived...

This guy on the left was one of those little christmas tree shapes - I thought it would be great for year round color on my porch, but I think it didn't get enough sunlight.  I know I watered it so that is the only thing I can think of. 
The one on the right is one of 6 plants I put into the garden, and all of them look like dead twigs.  No idea what happened, but I think I will replace them with Lavender.  Maybe that will survive?!

 Also, it wasn't just the Rosemary that didn't survive on my porch - I planted 3 other evergreens and none of them are looking well.  I am moving the other ones to the back porch where they will get more sun and hopefully they will come back.  I think I will try Hostas on the front porch - maybe they will like it there!

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