Friday, April 11, 2014

Budget time and Great News

I haven't had a budget in a very long time. As I talked about on Wednesday, I need to declutter. Part of decluttering is starting a food budget and plan. You know how your eyes get more food than your stomach can eat at a buffet, well mine buy more food than I can make. I found this cool Form that has all the different averages for individuals' cost of food. So I added my family members up, which came to $166.30 a week. Which I think is reasonable, so I'm going to try this out.

I want to start having one day of prep and assembling meals. I'm going to shop on Mondays and do the prep and assemble meals on Tuesdays, while my kiddo is at school. 

Of course, there are always the nights when we would rather eat out or get to go meals, so I need to account for that. Right now I'm listing all the snack and meals we like to eat so that I can I make a grocery list. I like to shop at the bulk stores for a lot of my grocery needs, so a list is essential. 

I think this will be a fun adventure and as a bonus it will make my husband happy...hopefully!

(warning, if you're squeamish I would stop reading)

Exciting news, my son has healed. It's crazy how new bone grows so quickly. 
This morning we went back to the Children's Hospital and had our son's cast removed and checked his progress. We got there and they took his cast off right away. We convinced him to wear head phones so it wouldn't be so loud. I didn't think it would work but luckily it did. My niece lent me her son's sound dampening headphones and now that I know my son will tolerate wearing them, I will be getting him a pair. 

We were waiting to do an x-ray for a little while, I was worrying that he would take the wrap off and see the pins that were sticking out of him. He did very well and so did my husband at keeping him distracted. They came and took him to imaging and moments later the Orthopedic Dr came in and read the X-rays right there with us. There was new bone growth! Yay! That meant that we could remove the pins. Luckily, my husband got our son to lay down so he couldn't see. The doctor took out the first pin, which he said was the tough one, and my son didn't even flinch. However, the second one was attached to a scab so that one hurt. I was amazed, they said it was supposed to feel like popping a zit but the second was more painful than that, he's a tough cookie! Tomorrow he can take a bath, I can't wait! Tonight he will have to settle for a shower.

Here's a picture of the pins, we got to bring them home!

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  1. Wow, those look like big pins! Good job, Xander. (and parents) :)
    - Melanie


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