Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Time!

I'm so excited for the end of the school year! My son is all done with school after tomorrow. We are not completely free to do whatever we want - we have weekly sessions with Autism Therapy, OT and Speech -but our morning's are free for now. I do want to do a couple (or a few) fun trips this summer! I really need to start planning them out.

My everyday morning plan is to go to the gym, they have a play area for kids. I was also thinking of putting him in a swim class. We have not given him lessons yet and I think it would be really good for him. I got him a little pool and a wet slide that has sprinklers that run along the edge to keep it wet. Last summer I was sick most of the time, come to find out it was a combination of allergies and heartburn. This year I want to play outside as much as possible. I found a shade tent for me and him if he wants to take a break.

I'm also hoping he will be fully potty trained. I have not picked up any more pull ups. This is it - here we go. I'm also trying a new idea out. If he has an accident I want him to feel more, so I'm going to have him in underwear and pants. (Thank you Beth!) The thing with boys is some of them flat out don't care. Let me tell you we have a pile of toys that he gets when he does the big one. He just will not go, he's not there yet. That is Okay! I read somewhere that when they are four they get everything figured out if they haven't already.

I need to finish up my baking tonight as well. I have brownies for his bus drivers and I want to put cookies in the goodie boxes as well. I'm hoping to find gifts for his Teachers and TA's while I'm out today.

I hope you all have a great week, I will see you on Friday!

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