Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eat My What?!

When I was searching for a way to organize recipes a few months ago, I spent several days looking at all different types of websites to find what I needed.  One of those websites was called Eat Your Books.  At the time it wasn't what I needed, but I thought it was a great idea -
and I knew just the person who could use it!!

The basic idea is that you can make a virtual Library with all of your cookbooks and cooking magazines, as well as your favorite blogs - then you can search the My Bookshelf section for a recipe and it will search each of these sources for you!!  It will even keep track of the magazines you subscribe to and automatically add it when a new issue comes out.  

 Now, some people like to look throught their cookbooks for just the right recipe or search online for all the different ideas out there - and that is just fine!  I do both depending on what I'm looking for.  I have about 20 cookbooks, I love to use Pinterest and when I'm in a hurry I just Google it.  For me alone, this site is cool but wouldn't really be worth the $25 yearly fee.  However, remember I said I knew someone it would be perfect for??  That person is Felicia - she has a great collection of cookbooks!!  The downside to having all these great cookbooks is that she rarely gets to use all of them as much as she would like.  This site is perfect for her - and the bonus is that Jamie and I get to use it too!  We can add the cookbooks we own to the bookshelf and search all of them at once.  The biggest disappointment is that you can't get the recipes directly on the website - but that makes sense.  If all you had to do was add a cookbook and you had access to the recipe - why would you buy the cookbook to begin with?  So, what you get when you select a recipe is where to find it (including the page) and the ingredients list.  You can plan what you want to make, buy your groceries and pull out the right cookbook when you are ready!        

I have been waiting for the chance to get this for Felicia - and I finally had a great excuse - it was her birthday on Monday!  It isn't her only gift (it isn't really a gift if I want to use it too) - but I wanted to buy it for all of us to try out.  Now we just have to get all of the cookbooks we own into the Library!!

Have a great day!

 p.s. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can sign up and enter up to 5 cookbooks for free.

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