Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A lot has changed

Towards the end of last week my husband got some unsettling news about his job. He was laid off from Microsoft. Of course we didn't see this coming! We are doing ok for right now. We are just nervous from figuring out how to care for our son. We have been told of some places we can reach out to for his Autism care. We know we couldn't be were we are today without Microsoft so we really thank them! 

From here on out we are trying to get everything figured out. Not to mention we need to get checked out and up to date medical wise. We will be busy for awhile until things settle down and we get in to a rhythm.

This is downfall for us, however I'm finding that this may work out just fine. I cherish the time I have with our son and now my husband will have some more time to see what I see. Have you ever removed tech devices in hopes that your family connects more. I think we will be doing that as well for a bit. Probably not completely but to a point. We have already been connecting more and I hope that continues.

I have been collecting crafts, books and other projects. I will be home a lot more which will be great. I would like to have a nice lawn soon. Last week I spent time with parents at their other home and my son played out side most of the time. I played outside most of my childhood, I'm staring to see my son needs that too.

I sure hope things work out for the best.

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