Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fresh Raspberry Cupcake Fail

                                                                          When I had Dexters' Birthday Party I needed to make cake for people too and not just dogs. :) I decided to make Fresh Raspberry Cupcakes, because I still had a lot of berries left from going to pick them. I went on Pinterest and found a recipe, I followed every word of it (I never do this unless I'm baking and then still sometimes not) and it did not turn out well. When I took the cupcakes out of the oven they looked perfect and yummy, about 30 minutes later I looked at them and they were a sunken mess. I broke one open and they looked bad and tasted worse! I'm not sure what happened, before I took them out of the oven the knife came out clean. I checked the recipe again - I completely followed it and still they turned out to be a disaster. We ended up with cupcakes from Safeway....... Gross. It was my fault really for trying something at the last minute instead of going with a sure thing. Leason learned -                                                                                                                   Always try new things ahead of time!


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