Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Horrible Disaster and Some Hope

On Saturday, March 22nd 2014 - Darrington/Oso, Washington had a deadly mudslide. In this incredibly sad event people have lost homes, and even worse - some have lost loved ones. As of today the death toll is 24, with around 100 people still missing.

I have some very close family friends who live outside of Darringtion, and was very relieved to find out they are both ok. I cannot even imagine what this town is going though, or how the ones who lost people they love are feeling.

I am a co-admin for a Facebook group for the town I live in. There are many of these groups called Buy Nothing and then a towns name, they come from The Buy Nothing Project. These groups are all about community, helping each other out and steering away from an economy driven world. I will write more about this wonderful movement on another post.

I really wanted to help these towns in anyway I could, so I asked my group to help. We have been doing a food and personal items drive. My house turned into a drop off spot for so many people who wanted to help. I have been in contact with other admins from other groups to get updates and wish lists from the people in shelters. We have collected food, toiletries, baby items, toys, games, books, blankets and towels. I know it's not much when people have died, but it was something I could do and I needed to help in some way.
This is our 9 month old puppy, Dexter. He is watching over some of the donations.

He fell asleep on the job - but only for a minute.
We still have hope that more people will be rescued. We are all sending hope, love, well wishes, prayers and good thoughts for the victims and their family's.

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