Friday, May 2, 2014

ABC's 123's Let's Celebrate Teachers!

I've enjoyed selecting things for my son's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, I learn so many good tricks and ideas like I'm posting about today.

How am I going to top myself next year. I'm sure Pinterest will have more ideas!

The plate is empty for now, I will fill it with fresh baked cookies on Sunday. Then I'll wrap and tie with the ribbon and tag, which says Thanks a 'Dozen".  I made the tag for the flowers, I will get those on Sunday, which says Thanks for helping our child "Bloom!" I found the jumbo marshmallows, and snack packs of the graham crackers. There are 2 bags that I tied together with a tag saying We need "S'more" teachers like you. I put a tag on the iced cup with a lid that says Thanks a " Latte', " I still need to get a gift card from a coffee bar. The last gift is a key chain that I found and I got a charm with her last initial on it, the tag says You're the "Key" to our child's success.

Each day I will send a gift with my son to give to his teacher. I truly hope she likes it!

I hope you get some good ideas. Let us know if you have great ideas too!

Have a great weekend.

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