Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mini Greenhouse Update

It's been four weeks since I planted my mini greenhouses and I thought it would be a good time for an update!  As you can see they are doing really well!  I am leaving the plants in there for a few more weeks, but on nice days I think I will start opening them to give the plants more sunlight.  I really like this method for starting veggies - but I'm not too sure how Eric will feel about having a ton of milk jugs on our back porch next year lol...maybe it will get me a greenhouse ; )

I'm still recovering from being sick so I haven't gotten very far on any of my other projects - I feel like it's taking longer to recover than I'm used to.  I think it must be that now I can be lazy and say I'm not feeling well - and before I always had to go to work so it wasn't really an option?!   Well hopefully this week I'll be able to get back up to speed - my house is a mess lol!

Have a great day!

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