Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lighting for the Kitchen

I am sure it is pretty obvious what we need to do to 'fix' the pendant lighting at the other end of the kitchen - it's about 12" off center.  Moving the light will be pretty easy (at least that is what Eric says), but first we need to find a new light - the gold and glass builder special just isn't doing anything for me!!  It's hard to visualize exactly what we want because the kitchen is only half built, but hopefully we will end up with something we love when it is all done.  If not, we can always replace it sometime down the road.  I have looked at hundreds of lights for this space over the last two years - I wish I was exaggerating - and I have seen a lot of lights that I thought would look good.  However, Eric and I have two very different ideas of what we like - especially when it comes to lighting!!  So now we are trying to change this light out in the very near future - and we have to make a decision we can both agree on :)
Here are the two we are deciding between:

Industrial Pendant from West Elm
This pendant light from West Elm is great.  It is simple, modern and comes at a great price.  The problem is it's only 11.5" wide - I am worried that it will look like a tiny light in a too-big area.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the area with the shorter island is pretty big (I would say it is around 8'x10' and it has a sloped ceiling - the island will be around 36"x36").  So my thought is that it would look better if we either did a group of 3 lights hanging at different heights or 2 lights in line with the island - this will help increases the amount of area that the lights take up.

George Kovacs Families Collection
 This light is a little larger at 16" - I think we would only use one light and it will be fine.  It's a little more expensive, but still within my budget, and it is kind of a traditional shape with a little modern texture/look to it.

So now, we have to agree to stop looking and decide which one to get.  Who knows - we may end of with something completely different. Lol

Oh yeah, we also have to find light(s) for above the sink that will work with the larger
pendant light that we choose...guess I have more lights to look at :)

Have a great day!

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