Friday, September 12, 2014

Handles, Sliders and Hinges..Oh My!

As you might have guessed, I don't really have anything fun to talk about today.  I have been pretty busy trying to find all of the things we will need to start moving forward on the kitchen as soon as we are done with the closet.  And while the closet has been moving along - it doesn't really look any different than it did before unless you like looking at things like outlet cutouts (which just aren't that interesting). 

So, what have I been looking for...I'm sure the title says it all lol.  I need sliders for the pullouts on either side of the oven - we have to attach them before we build the boxes because 3" is not enough room to screw them in afterwards.  I need hinges for the 6 mini-cabinets on the islands, and since we want them to be soft closing like the other cabinets I have been trying to find them for a price that doesn't make me cringe (The cabinets came with the hinges, so it's included in the price, but when you look for them by themselves there is a little sticker shock).  Finally, I have been obsessively looking at pulls/handles for our cabinet doors.  I have looked at tons of them, but I think we have settled on the one above - 4" Liberty Step Edge Pull.  Now we just have to make sure we like it enough to buy - because pulls are not cheap and I need 60 of them.  Yes, I have 60 doors in my kitchen - crazy town!  I have to admit that when I was designing my cabinets, I never thought to worry about how many pulls I would need.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have changed my plans but...

Anyone else have to look for handles lately?  It's not for everyone, but I spent at least 10 hours looking at them online over the last week.

Have a great weekend!!

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