Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick Sewing Craft

The weather is cooling down. I have a super quick sewing craft for you today to help keep you warm.  I made a pocket warmer. What's great is you can make any shape! I made a simple circle. You can make it easy on yourself and make a square, I will definitely be doing this! You can make a triangle, I think they would look so cute! Around Valentines day you can make a heart and put their favorite essential oil in the rice.

I picked out some cherry fabric, it's 100% cotton, I think you will want to stick with cotton since it will be going into the microwave. I wish I could use a super soft fabric but it could melt.

I grabbed a small bowl for the nice circle size. I used a fabric pen and traced the bowl on the fabric. You can have a different backing, I just doubled up on the cherry fabric. Sew right sides out, leave an inch opening. Mix 1/4-1/3 cup of rice and 2-4 drops of essential oils. Pour rice into opening and sew up the opening. Cut 1/4 inch around the sewn edge, clean up any threads.

To use, microwave 15-30 seconds depending on your microwave. You can also throw it the freezer to use on bumps, headaches or puffy eyes.

You can check out where I got the idea from here.

I hope you have a great day!

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