Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Cabinet Plan

If you read my post on Monday, you already know that I had to redesign a whole section of cabinets recently (meaning in the last few days lol).  It is actually a pretty large area that needs to be redone, so I have spent a lot of time looking at pictures and figuring out what the best use of the space would be - I am trying to find a good balance between useful and pretty lol.  This is also the most challenging section of cabinets in the kitchen.  The major issue is the section on the left - the walls are an even depth, but there is a vaulted ceiling above the last wall section.  This happened because we removed a wall that seperated the old kitchen and dining room, which is now the entire kitchen.  Then we built a new wall to seperate the new dining room and kitchen which was built higher.  So where and how do we end the crown molding on this wall?!  I have gone through tons of different options (even before the change in cabinets) - frustrated hair pulling and all - and this is the one that I think will work the best...I hope!     

We are going to build a soffit to 'fill in' the area between the top of the wall and the ceiling of the kitchen.  I can't put a cabinet all the way to the top because the crown molding from the lower section would overlap, and if I put a cabinet below it looks funny with the two layers of crown molding.  Well, it looks funny in my line drawing :)

The middle section of cabinets is going to be 16" deep instead of 12" - this will allow me to use them for appliances.  So my microwave, blender, juicer, dehydrator and bread machine will have a home - and it wont include me having to move them to use them!!  You can see the difference in the depth of the lower and upper cabinets in the picture above on the right.  I was a little worried about 'losing' the counter space, but then I realised that not only do I have tons of counter space but when I open the doors to use the appliances the counter will be twice as big.

So, now I just have to find a range hood that we want to see all the time :)

Have a great day!!

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