Monday, November 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye

This is a bit of a tear-jerker so if you are at work or somewhere you might not want to be crying - stop reading and come back later...I'll understand.
We said goodbye to Pinky, our cat, this weekend.  It is always hard to lose an animal, but he lived a good life and I find comfort in that.  He was a crazy, quirky, fierce cat - but he was also loyal, friendly, fearless and loving.  He could make you want to pull your hair out and laugh at the same time with the crazy antics he got up to.  For most of the first 5 years we had him, he was an outdoor cat.  He would be gone all day, but still come running when I called him.  I've seen him fight a deer and win (while tethered to a tree), I once caught him playing with an unknown paw (I like to assume he found it), and he would often walk on the top of the (3 story) house and look in the skylights.  After he was diagnosed with FIV 13 years ago, he became an indoor cat - and after a year of adjustment he settled into a semi-pampered life.  His was the only cat i knew who was leash trained - so at least he still got to go outside sometimes.  He loved sitting in the windows and yelling at the birds (to the window blinds' detriment), laying in the sunshine and eating (lots of eating).  He also loved trying to explore - he was always sure there was something we were hiding from him behind closed doors - we always had to double check where he was before leaving the house to make sure we hadn't locked him in a closet or room.  He once climbed a mountain of boxes and jumped 2 feet into a hole in our ceiling - I had to bribe him with food to get him to come out!  He was friendly to everyone, always wanting to get and give some petting.  He was tolerent of dogs and kids - and would even play with them if he felt like it.  He was everyone's best friend.  He was always happy to see you - even more happy if you had treats with you.  He would try to steal food off your plate using his paw to sneak around from the side, while trying to look innocent.  He loved soft blankets and pillows, but his favorite place to sleep was his pizza box.  He was frustrating and fun and he completed our family.  We are all sad that it was his time, but I am grateful that I was able to spend extra time with him and give him a peaceful send off.  He had a good life for 18 years and he will always be loved. 

Pinky will be missed, but we will carry him in our hearts and memories forever.

xo Beth

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