Thursday, February 27, 2014

March Menu

It's that time again - meal planning time!  First let's review how last month's menu went...

I do have to confess that this is not the copy from my kitchen - it has been sitting in my desk.  I totally
forgot that March Starts in 2 days!  Luckily, I had this one so I could check it off and use it for next months menu.  I know you can't read it, but you can at least see that I still have a ton of things not marked.  This is pretty normal actually, sometimes we decide to get dinner out or pick it up to take home, or we just decide we aren't really hungry for a meal and we will just snack (I know - it is soo bad!)  We get home pretty late some nights and if we had a late lunch or a snack later in the day...well, toast is yummy LOL.  It isn't as bad as it looks - there are 22 check marks and we have only 27 days so far this month, so that's only 5 days I didn't make dinner.  And Yes - we did have PB&J for dinner one night!  I didn't feel good and it was fast, easy and tasty.

The nice part about having so many meals unmarked - most of my menu is done and I have very little shopping left to do.  I did make some changes for March, but really only enough to add some variety. 
 The changes:
      1.   I took ham off the menu - we have been using up the left overs from Thanksgiving and Christmas
                and they are finally gone! 
      2.   The Chicken Fajitas, Roast and Mac & Cheese are gone.  I am a little sad that Mac & Cheese
                came off, but it is one of the biggest processed foods that we eat (yeah - we still eat Kraft).  I
                would love to make homemade mac & cheese but Eric is lactose intollerant, and it just has
                too many milk produces for really good homemade mac & cheese.  Also, I am making the 
                roast tomorrow night to use in sandwiches this weekend - so it wont go to waste :)
      3.   Zucchini Noodles, Beef Stir-fry, Beef & Broccoli, Country Fried Steak & Mashed Cauliflower
               and Asparagus & Tomato Pasta are all new this month.  In fact, except for the Country Fried
               Steak and Zucchini Noodles, everything is new.
So, there is our March Menu.  Has anyone else tried new recipes for dinner recently?  I am always on the look out for something tasty to try.

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