Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How do you say Ombre?

I have always wondered what the correct way is to say Ombre.  In fact I go out of my way to not say it - just in case I say it the wrong way (which I think is pretty much any way I say it).  Omber? OHM-bruh?
Om-Brey?  Who knows - I just say "You know when you have the color that goes from light to dark?" and pretend that I just can't remember the right word.  It's kind of funny considering how much I love the look - on furniture, on the wall, in the garden, even for a cute summer hair look.  This wont be the last project I do this way - I have a wall and one other project in the works, and by in the works I mean I think about it every time I walk by...I just need to pick up my paint brush and do it...

Have you ever seen something and just thought “I have to do that”?  I do – a lot.  Of course I can’t actually do everything I see, find or pin – I just can’t figure out how to get that water slide from my bedroom to the pool I don’t have yet… but every once in awhile I find that one project I can do right now.  This time it was a dresser.  In fact it was this great ombre dresser from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.  It's also Project #230 in their book, if you want better directions for how to do it right.  I am sure you will see lots more projects inspired by them.  When I saw the dresser they painted I became obsessed.  I knew I wanted a new dresser for our master bedroom and the ombre look would be pretty cool, but dressers are farther down the to-do/buy list than things like a kitchen sink, cabinets or flooring.  Yes, I was living without any of those for months (around 18 months actually).  However, I wanted to do this NOW not someday and I was in luck - Eric had to work late for a few weeks which meant no house projects and free time for me.  So I decided I wanted to paint the dresser during that time.
I looked at resale places, online for cheap dressers for sale and on Craigslist.  Nothing in my price range or the style that I had in mind – Bummer.  Then I started wondering if any of the dressers I already owned could be used - and that’s when I remembered my sad little wood dresser shoved into our spare room with lots of other things we haven’t unpacked yet.  We’ve had it for over 10 years and I can’t even remember where it came from.  It was plain wood – no stain, lacquer or sealers that I could tell.   I pulled it out and measured it – fingers crossed that it would fit the spot I needed it to.  To my surprise it did, and I started to see the finished project and decided to go for it.  Then I had to wait…for 3 more weeks until that free time when Eric wouldn’t be home.  I wanted it to be a surprise.  Obviously I couldn’t hide that I was doing something, but I didn’t want him to see it until it was done (or at least mostly done).  

After cleaning all the dust off, I filled all the scratches it had gotten over the years, then sanded and cleaned it again.   Once it was ready, I quickly primed it, hoping it would dry before Eric came home.  Not to be – he came home and saw the dresser laid out.  He thought it should stay a wood grain, but it was too late since it was already primed (oops...that may have been my plan all along).  I kept how it would be finished as a surprise for the next night.
Our master bedroom has teal/navy blue walls, with white, grey and yellow accents and I had left over grey paint from our dining room, so I decided to use that with white to create the paint gradient.  I knew it would be impossible to match the colors so I made a little extra of each one to keep for later touch ups.  I painted the outside and bottom drawer the original color, Darkest Forest by Dutch Boy.  Then added white to three jars until I had the right color combination.  I managed to apply two coats of paint before Eric got home.  He was really not sure what he thought of the different colors – and since they weren’t laid out in any pattern, I know it was hard to tell how it would look.  Once it dried overnight and I put the drawers in, he was surprised by how much he liked it.  I was originally going to find new knobs but decided after a week or so to try painting the knobs to match – definitely the winner for me.  This project cost me nothing but a few hours of time – gotta love a free project that helps get your house organized.  Did I mention this dresser replaced a box and a pile on the floor?  We have had this dresser in the bedroom for awhile and it still looks pretty good - I just had to find a tray for all the random pocket things to go on.  I still hate folding but at least now I have something pretty to look at when I'm putting everything away.

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