Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cancelled all of my appointments...

Last night I was looking into my sons eyes during his bath; he had some sleep I thought I missed it that morning. Then we were upstairs in my husbands office and it was back! Not sleep, it must be pink eye! I let my husband know, he didn't want to believe it. We just booked a mini vacation the other day to get away this weekend. So began my cancellations! We were able to cancel the hotel and resort. I let my friend know who was going to watch our son. I was in a conversation about my son's IEP with his teacher - so I also let her know he wouldn't be in and to warn everyone! Last, I emailed his Autism Therapy Office to cancel everything this week. At least until we find out what he has going on. 

I have some phone calls to make this morning. I just remembered I have a nail appointment, my husband said "don't cancel that" but then I said "our son isn't going to school so I can't go" and he said "oh" - he was sad for me. It will be just fine if I wait one more week. I need to call the doctor first thing to get an appointment. Then I need to call the dispatcher for his bus.  The appointments never end!

The only other time my son had pink eye is when we went on vacation with our friends, and we met up with them later. They had stopped at a restaurant and their kiddos played and picked it up from other kiddos. This time it looks worse. 

The bright side is that (since we won't have any appointments to go to) I can really clean the house! I might even organize a little! I wish I had a bigger kitchen...there are times that I think I have too many tools or baking pans and then I say "Nah that's silly, I need a bigger kitchen!" I don't have a pantry anymore - it's full of stoneware, baking dishes, and various containers. I'm running out of space for my pantry items. I have been thinking of some ideas. My other Peas are going to help with my backroom, which is just off of the kitchen. I have seen a fantastic idea to out a piece of board above your front load washer and dryer to use as a folding station. I really want to do that. I think this week I will be cleaning out my backroom since I will be spending a lot of time in there washing things anyways! 

I hope your week is good and remember to not itch your eyes!

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  1. Thanks for not mentioning that I went postal when our vacation plans were cancelled because I was so looking forward to it :P


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