Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Decorating

Welcome to the first day of our Halloween Pinterest Challenge!! We are super excited to share the projects we did from our always overflowing Pinterest boards!! 

We want to start off with the different ways we decorated our pumpkins.  We decided that we wanted to use fake pumpkins so we could use them every year, and save the carving for the night before Halloween (which was a little too late for this weeks' posts). 

In clockwise order, starting from the top left:

Felicia's Glitter Pumpkin: I drew a big "B" and traced it with glue then glitter. I wished I had gold glitter. So I might change it out by washing it and using different glitter. I do really like it though!

Felicia's Leopard Pumpkin: This one has printed tights pulled over the whole pumpkin and tied in a knot.  I added a burlap leopard ribbon to finish it off.

Beth's Pumpkin Tower:  I really wanted to do one of these!  I didn't add the BOO letters that most of the ones I saw had because I also wanted to do the button pumpkin, but I am still pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used a dowel to stabilize it, and course twine and burlap ribbon to finish it off.  The crate I painted black and distressed, but I think I might dry brush brown over it.
Beth's Button Pumpkin and Twine Pumpkin:  I love how these turned out.  For the button one, I laid out the buttons first, then dipped them in glue and placed them on the pumpkin.  I did one letter at a time, letting it dry in between.  At first, I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish the white pumpkin, but I had twine in natural, green and orange so I wrapped it around the pumpkin to see and decided to keep it that way - it's simple but I think it helps pull things together.  

Felicia's Tulle Pumpkin:  I wrapped the pumpkin, until I liked it, with washi tape. Then gathered the tulle and tied it with a rubber band. I found a smooth ribbon, the kind that doesn't bend, and tied a big bow around the top.
There you go!!  We really enjoyed making all these different types of decorated pumpkins, and can't wait to add even more next year to our collections!!
Did anyone else decorate a pumpkin - for inside or outside use?  Add your pictures in the comment section - we would love to see them!!
Happy Halloween!
The Three Peas

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