Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lights, Camera...Bad Pictures!!

Let's be real - my kitchen is pretty much always dirty.  So when we got the new lights hung, I planned to clean it before taking a picture.  However, I have been really lazy busy, yeah busy.  I snapped this picture the first morning after they were installed and I still haven't gone back and taken a new one!  So ignore the mess and concentrate on the lights - look at the  lights!!  I am really happy with the lights we got!! 

These pictures just don't do the lights justice!!  We are waiting for the cords to relax and straighten out, then we are going to readjust them to be even, wash them and get some fancy bulbs!  I was worried they would be too small but I was surprised at how big they were in person. It was a ton of work to install them - just to figure out where they should go took awhile!!
I can't thank Eric enough for working so hard on this after the busy work schedule he has had recently!!  It was a great birthday present to get these installed :)
Have a great day!!

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