Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crafty Decorations

Welcome back for our second day of our Halloween Pinterest Challenge!!  (We are assuming you came back, after reading yesterdays post on decorating pumpkins.)  Today, we have a few non-pumpkin decorations to share.

In clockwise order, starting from the top left:

Beth's Sign Post:  I love how this turned out.  I am excited to see it get worn down from use every year, so it will be even better!  My only regret is that I have not used any purple anywhere else - but next year I will definitely have to find ways to add purple in my decorations.  I found the boards and stake at Michaels, painted them and hand painted the letters.  There is no bad paint job - if the letters are wobbly it just adds to the effect!! (Side note - I had to stop myself from adding glitter - but maybe I'll add it next year since I'm still thinking about it)

Beth's Wreath:  I love the burlap wreaths I see everywhere.  I have made a few, but none for the front door.  They are always a little tough to get started (how am I wrapping the burlap again?) - but they are completely worth the effort.  You can't see in the picture, but I added copper glitter to the edge of the C.  It looks pretty cool up close, and gives it a little glamour.  Maybe that should be my theme 'Rustic Glamour' - I am digging the burlap and glitter combo! Lol

Beth's Lantern:  Seriously - this was the best find ever!  I got this lantern for $13 at Fred Meyers on clearance.  Best...Find..Ever!!  I just layered burlap ribbon and fake pumpkins together.  I really want to put some orange lights in there too, but I have to figure out how to power them.

Felicia's Wreath:  I found this adorable wicker wreath.  I was going to individually pick each flower, but then I found a cute bouquet.  At first I was going to just use a few of the big flowers and one or two of the extras.  As you can see - I ended up using the whole thing.  I'm glad I did!!

You might have noticed a theme from yesterday and today - we will be showing off our decorated porches tomorrow!!  We hope you'll stick around and tell us what crafts or projects you've done for your Halloween and Fall decorations.

Happy Halloween!!
Three Peas Create 

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