Friday, October 17, 2014

Cleaning the Craft Room

It's been awhile since I have had the time to do 'just for fun' projects, but with all of the Halloween and Fall projects I have been working on it's been really great to get creative again.  It's really inspired me to finally get my craft room in order - a pretty big project all on it's own!!  It is definitely not done, but I can finally see all of the walls and most of the floor :)
I have made a few decisions that are unusual, and I hope that when I am all finished it will turn out the way I hope.  If not, I can always change it.  Here are some pictures of my 'messy, but progress is being made' craft room... 

 I have always been an 'It gets worse before it gets better' cleaner - and this is a great example of just how bad it has to get.  Everything is actually sorted in general piles, but I still need to make several passes through to sort it even more.
I love the blue I ended up using - I love using bright colors when I want to be creative and calmer colors when I want to relax (which is why I have light grays and darker colors in the rest of our main areas).  You can see that there is a lighter wall in one of the pictures - I have the first coat of an ombre wall done.  I am excited to get the rest of the wall unburied so I can finish painting the second coat.
You can also see that one of the bookcases is sideways - that's on purpose.  I don't have a great place to put that third bookcase standing up, but I kind of like having it on it's side - it's different but still usable.  Originally I wanted to put it down the length of the hallway, but then I wouldn't be able to have a door - and I need a door (Mostly so I can stop hearing how awful my green bookcases are, and why would I put a bookcase sideways?!)!! (I also need that third bookcase - I have enough books still packed to fill it up). 
The area with the white shelves and file cabinet desk is changing - I am planning to add three more file cabinets under the countertop and one more shelf on the wall.  This will (hopefully) be enough storage for my fabric, I always need more shelf space and I am planning to store my sewing machines on the countertop under the bottom shelf (I may have 3 sewing machines, an embroidery machine, a serger and a clothes press to find a safe place to store).
I will still have a desk area to work on though.  I recently bought scrapbooking storage when it was on sale - and I am planning to buy/build some kind of countertop across the two stacked cabinets (you can see one set in a picture above).  It will be going on the ombre wall and I am happy that I have enough room in there to support so many different work areas.
There you go, a new room to work on...because I don't have enough ongoing room projects LOL
Have a great weekend!!
P.S. Anyone have any suggestions how to part with wedding flowers?  I keep deciding that I need to take them apart - and then I get all sad about it and put it aside for later...twelve years seems like long enough to put something off!! (They are hiding next to the desk in the top picture)

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