Monday, May 11, 2015


Today I am finally getting something done that is very overdue - a new eye exam!  So exciting right?!  Lol!  I have needed new glasses for at least a year but for some reason it's something that I can easily ignore (I dislike appointments - but I'm fine with the actual exams.  The same thing happens with doctors and dentists lol).  So this morning I decided I really need to get on it - and when I called they had an opening in an hour - so I jumped on it and now I can cross it off my list of things to do.

The hardest part is picking out new glasses :/  I hate doing it by myself (what if I pick ugly ones?!), but at least this time I can get whatever I want since I don't have to go to work...I'm really liking the purple ones above (it's hard to tell in the picture but they are dark purple).  I decided that I wanted a fun pair and that they don't need to go with everything (yes, I worry about stuff like that).

Have a great day!

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