Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Party Food

Game Day Food

I stuffed my self silly on Sunday! I had great plans to make fun food for the Super bowl. My hisband somehow had too much Mexican food leading up the big game day. So I had to change up my meal plan.

I wanted turkey taquitos, guacamole and chips, chili, wings and brownies. I then changed it to dips and chips, guacamole and chips, sliders, pigs in a blanket and popcorn.

I of course did not take any pictures. Let's just say it went too fast to take pictures. Plus we were distracted cheering on our team.

I then got sick and wanted to recreate some of the things I made. I'm still sick so I pulled some photo's to give you an idea of what I made.

I first made pigs in a blanket. I have been switching over my grocery shopping to Trader Joe's not everything is exchangeable. I have found other alternatives. Their crescent dough is wonderful. I have found with either brand the dough comes out dry. I roll out the dough and then cut strips with my pizza cutter, then cut each strip in half then roll them up. I'm super bad and brush melted butter over the tops.  Then I bake them at 350 for 16 minutes. Keep an eye on them and brown them to your liking.

Then we had some guacamole and chips. I went to our local Mexican restaurant and ordered a big bag of chips, they make the best! For the guacamole, I add tomatoes, red onion, garlic paste and salt. I was reading through one of my many food magazines and someone said they do this. They had a mortal and pestle and the mash the garlic into paste. I cheated and used a tube. It was so good. My ratio for avocados to tomatoes is 2 to 1. It seems to work well. We couldn't finish it but it was so good! I made a lot!

Then I made the sliders. I pinned a great recipe. But of course I changed it and I shouldn't have this time. I will give their idea a try next time. I was supposed to form my patties, season then add a tablespoon of butter. Then put them on the bottom bun and then go under the broiler. I was uneasy about it. What I learned is that I needed the bun to soak up the butter to keep it from splattering. Also that I couldn't cook it as long, the smoke alarm went off before it was done. I found these awesome grill foil sheets. I grabbed some for my meatloaf. I works great for that. I think I will still put them on the bun but also the grill foil sheet so that most of the fat will run off and not make the bun soggy.

That was all we could eat. I never made the brownies and we did end up eating popcorn later in the day. I bought an air popper, love it. I'm slowly trying to eliminate my microwave. I love popcorn and now I don't have to make it in the microwave. Not to mention it makes so much! My best friend makes caramel  corn with hers now I can get her recipe and make some for me. That could be dangerous!

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