Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh sweetness!

Last week I talked about how my husband and I stopped eating potatoes. I'm doing pretty good - I have only had a few bites here and there. My son asked for me to make eggs and potatoes for breakfast the last two days and it smelled amazing! After he ate what he could I put the rest in the garbage disposal. I have mostly been making chicken salads for our dinners, which is what we had last night. My son doesn't care for salads so I made him a PB&J and cut it up into tiny shapes. My husband handed my son a piece and it got onto his finger - he licked it off and almost went into a sugar coma, he said it was so delicious! My husband has been on a healthy food change of less milk products and no processed sugar. I'm going to start the same change February First. He has lost 11 lbs since he started. He hasn't really started working out at the gym but he has done some light workouts here at home. He was doing some push ups and I tried doing one, boy that was difficult! I will be going to the gym while I'm eating healthier and I'm looking forward to it. I want to be able to keep up with my young son. He's going to be four soon, I can't believe it. There's no better time to eat healthy and get your body active.
Hopefully I will survive...ooh good workout song!

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