Friday, January 17, 2014

About Felicia

Hello, my name is Felicia.  I've been married for 9 years to my best friend, we met at High School but didn't date until later.  I met Beth just before I got married (through our Husbands) and I met Jamie through Beth when they worked together.  We've been best friends ever since, three peas in a pod!  I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing and making crafts, especially with Beth and Jamie!

I'm a mom of a 3 year old boy, I'm lucky to stay at home with him, we're actually lucky to have him period!  He came into this world at 29 weeks and we really dodged some big bullets, now he is doing so well and he impresses us every day. Because he came so early his upbringing has been a bit different than most children.  Not only does he go to preschool during the mornings, we go to different therapies in the afternoon and evenings to help him catch up and he is doing an excellent job. 

My passion is baking and cooking.  I wasn't always into cooking, I did however love to eat good food which stems from my mom.  I'm still gathering recipes from her!  It wasn't until I was on my own that I learned to cook.  I discovered it was easier with handy tools and that's when I started my own cooking home business to help my new found interest.  I started watching a lot of cooking shows as well, where I learned a lot of information about preparing ingredients.  That resulted in having two full book cases of cookbooks (and growing), which I started accumulating when I was working about 5 or 6 years ago.  My favorite kind of food is Southern but I also love French food, it's very simple which is a wonderful thing as a new mom.

I made my first quilt a couple of years back, it was for my son and I was hooked...I mean stitched.  My mom quilted it for me which made it look wonderful.  My goal is to make an intricate block someday.  Right now I really like making jelly roll quilts.  I'm still new to the sewing world, but so far I'm loving it. 

I hope you enjoy our blog!


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