Friday, October 21, 2016

Felicia's Journey

Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad we are back at it again. I've missed blogging and I have been Pinning as if it's going out of style! 

Though we all took a break, life still goes on. I had a huge lifestyle change over the summer. My husband and I decided to talk with a friend who transformed his life and learn what to do.  We did what he said, got a calorie goal number and started off with 500 calories less than that. Just changing our food we have both lost 30 + pounds. I feel really good, of course as I'm still going to keep at this. We have both gave into cravings, which you must do, the point is to get back to eating healthier. What we learned though is that we felt awful after eating our cheat food. Not guilty but down, our bodies were talking to us, making groans. I'm finding it's pretty easy to choose well. My latest obsession is power bowls. Jamie and I have been making them. They are insanely good. I love food, anyone who knows me knows that I love food. Well I hope that with my future post you too will fall in love with healthy food. 

You may wonder how we came to wanting this lifestyle change. We decided to start after our summer cruise. You've heard it before. I'll start on Monday, after the holidays. Well I've had enough I really wanted to start, my husband has even taken a break but I kept on it and I'm so happy I did. I caught up to him. He was over 30 lbs and I wasn't there yet. I know when he recommits he will loose faster than me. I was really worried about being on the cruise and gaining a bunch. I didn't, that ship was so big I walked a lot and maintained. Good to know right. Walking really does help. That is my next step. I feel pretty good, not as tired as before so now I'm ready to get back to the gym and kick this into high gear.

Our trip this summer was one we will never forget. I'm so blessed to have friends that took us, my son still talks about it. I remember my travels with my family that's what I wanted for him too. I never had a passport as a kid, didn't need one to travel to Canada. He does, that just makes me so happy that when we want to we can plan another trip anywhere. We really can now, not much stops us these days. He is down to one therapy. Which is huge! He is an awesome kid, it's amazing how much he knows. I love how he can carry a conversation and his thought process is so great. He comprehends a lot now. I just was thinking about that the other day. I wish he could pass school work by having a conversation instead of writing it down. We are always working on stuff to improve ourselves. This is just one of them.

I can go on and on! I've missed you all. See you next week with a power bowl recipe! Who knows I might post one later I might not wait!

Oh here is a picture of Hubbard Glacier....

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